Runt rockers


You know what your orc scrap army is missing? The heaviest, trashiest RUNT METAL! That’s what. Let the battlefield echo with the sounds of a shredding guitar solo, rumbling bass riffs, deafening drums and the horrendous screaming of a big red space monster on vocals! This is a full on band of goblin runt rockers, including a guitarist, bassist, drummer and a scream-o monster. The guitarist runt wears a sick leather jacket and sunnies, while he holds his pick to the sky with a devil horns grip and he stomps his WAAAGH pedal.

The bassist is getting right into a thick, triumphant rhythm while wearing some kind of full body gimp suit like a weirdo. The drummer runt uses proper technique to knock out a solid beat on his junk kit, made of various bash-able bits including a dredge marine helmet! The singer (if we can call it that), simply screams and headbutts the amp stacks and eats some fans. This is metal. Get this little unit to include on the side of your army, as a fun display piece or just because you’re metal through-and-through.

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